Saturday, May 16, 2009

MsJulia's health Talk: Love Your Self!

In my daily travel I see so many people that are over weight. But this is a situation that should be personal.One should think to them self who am I hurting do I want to live longer and healthier ,or do I want to cut it short Do I love my self enough to do something about my weight,

It is not about dieting it is about changing your life style.You have to do this for you!
I used to be heavy at one time, but I made up my mind that I will not be fat.
Now that I am 62years old I am in the best of health.In my younger days I have had
so much different ailment.But I made up my mind I will not be fat.

At 62year old, I am feeling like a 25 year old. When you can keep your weight under control
that is half of the battle.But I have a secret that will help you also.
I drank a lot of water not just any water it is call Kangen the purest water that you can find. it doesn't sell in stores.It is highly recommended.

 Have you ever tough about giving your inside a bath just as you do your outside.your inside also need a bath.How do you do that? Good question.When you take a bath or a shower do you used a
little water, if you do you would not be clean.some times you don't want to come out of the water
you want to make sure that you are squeakily clean.This make you feel so good.But wait you are forgetting something.don't you know that your inside is like a garbage can, don't you know that if you don't clean out your garbage can it will stink.

Think about all of the things that you eat in a day, do you have three bowel movement a day?
You should this is normal. When you eat meat do you know how long it takes to digest? Five days
in the meanwhile what is happening to that meat in your system. Put a piece of meat in your garbage can for 5 days and see what will happen. I do want you to see what I am talking about
You have to love you,and love you enough to say I will not be fat!

I believed one the reason cancer is on the rise is because of the waste that is stored in your body
the waste that you don't pass out your blood stores it to different parts of your body,
Therefor if your inside is clean, and alkaline then sickness can't stay there.
Julia Burton.

 Here I am to day still happy and healthy Thanks be to God.I am drinking lots of water keeping my inside clean. have you taken your vitamin D3, Fish Oil, vitamin B12  listen I can only tell you about me. at 66 yrs
With out any sickness I am thankful to God for the wisdom he has given me to take care of this body  that is housing my spirit. If you don't take care of your self who will, love you because you only go around one time
Therefor make the best of it.

I exercise on a regular bases  drink my green drink  every morning stay away from the sweet much as possible. I don't take all of those prescription that the DR want to force on me every little thing  that she found she want to medicate me.No no this is snot happening if it not broken then don't fix it. I can sleep at night with out any pain wake up in the morning with out pain this is such a blessing. There was a tine that I could not walk with out a walker. I have had two hip Replacement with on complication. let us leave those doctors medicine alone and go to natural supplement.

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